The Peruvian Yacht Club I Callao - Peru I  2014-15

The beaches of northern Peru differ from those found on Peru’s central or southern coast. The weather in the north, for instance, makes house dwelling difficult during the summer months. It is oftentimes necessary to either use the air conditioner or simply spend as little time as possible inside the house during the daytime. As is understandable, this has implications for construction and maintenance costs, which can be significantly higher.

Callao - Peru 2014-15 I build I private contest I with arq. Jose Lores Loret de Mola


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National Museum of Archaeology of Peru MUNA

The project of the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ARCHEOLOGY, includes many elements, spaces, principles and traditions, among its main characteristics. Like much of the Peruvian coast, the space to be developed is a small conglomeration of dunes in the back of the ruins of Pachacamac. These are drawn by the insistence of the wind, molding a niche in which the project is being proposed. Protected by this wind and not affecting the environment due to its large size, a place is proposed where the visitor has a strong relationship with the presented and interacts with the same building, making it his own.

International Competition for a museum I Pachacamac (Peru) I project

Creation & research center of Archeology of Perú I 2014-15 I with Dessin-Technish












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